Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Muslims are at War with Themselves and in Conflict with the West

Director’s Comment: There is an escalating conflict within and between Muslims societies over different interpretations of Islam and religious rituals. Muslim on Muslim killings, the destruction of minorities’ holy shrines and other cultural heritages, as well as the ongoing carnage in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iran are but some examples of bloody conflict among Muslims. The rampant oppression (in one fashion or another) of Muslim and non-Muslim minorities in all Arab and Muslim countries bears witness to a religion mired in contradictions and at odds with itself and, by extension, with the rest of the world, especially the West.

In reaction to the recent destruction of one of Sufi Islam’s oldest and most revered shrines in Pakistan, a Muslim writer in Saudi Arabia wrote, “For whatever reason, the cancer of extremism is fast eating into the vitals of the entire Muslim world. A lunatic fringe has hijacked their faith and claims to speak on their behalf and all Muslims can do is wring their hands in helplessness. In their long and eventful history, Muslims have never faced a greater challenge to their identity and existence. This sickness within is far more dangerous than what they confront from without.

Where are Muslim voices of reason and sanity? Where are our leaders, our Ulema and intellectuals when we need them so badly? Why don't they come out in the open to speak out against this distortion of our faith and morbid celebration of death? If their voices aren't heard, they must shout from the rooftops but speak they must. There's no other way to stop this madness. This is no time to hide.”
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