Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bombs Are Louder Than Words

“Bombs are louder than words”

Director’s Comment: Blaming the negative global image of Islam and Muslims on Western media and on misunderstanding of true Islam is erroneous, at best. Despite the fact that Arab and Muslim governments and their institutions insist that Islam is a peaceful, tolerant, egalitarian and just faith, non-Muslims as well as many Muslims around the globe judge Islam by what they see and experience. They see horrendous carnage committed by Muslims against other Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan among other places. They see young men and women strapped in explosives blowing themselves and innocent people up in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. They see women covered head-to-toe in black. They see beheadings, floggings, genital mutilations, stoning of adulteresses, and honor killings in public squares. They see severe gender segregation, marginalization of women, child and forced marriages, and arbitrary judicial systems that separate husbands from wives because of social and tribal status. They see grinding bans on free expression and religious freedom. They see intolerance and killings of Christians and destructions of their houses of worship throughout the Muslim World. They see Shi’ites and other minority Muslims oppressed and denied their divine rights to practice their religious rituals peacefully and freely. These are realities that are institutionalized, implemented, and sanctioned, in one fashion or another, and carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam in many countries.

Finally, Muslims can build religious houses and open schools in almost any country in the world and worship freely. Can non-Muslims do the same in any Muslim country?
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